Zeiss ZF.2 Cine Primes

My personal set of Zeiss ZF.2 Prime Lenses

This week I launched a new personal web site. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I never carved out enough time to make it happen. Ultimately, I had to get pretty intentional about it and block out time like I would for a “real” project.

The inception of the personal site follows very closely on the launch of this one, so it’s been a busy couple of weeks here for sure. If you haven’t tried to design and launch two web sites in less than a month—even simple sites like my two—you may be surprised by how many hours it takes. I certainly was. And maintaining each site and creating content for both requires even more time.

So why bother?

The site at michaelcurtis.com will provide an opportunity to dissect projects and discuss things I learned during production of that particular show.  Posts and missives there might discuss gear, techniques, or a particular process like lighting or editing. If I’m lucky, other folks will find the exercise helpful and contribute ideas and comments on the blog that will help us all become better filmmakers. That’s the goal.

I believe if you’re not constantly learning and growing you run the risk of stagnating creatively. You’ve just got to do the work. Unused muscles atrophy. So I try to challenge myself constantly to become a better storyteller… a better filmmaker. If that sort of thing interests you, too, check in and share your thoughts.

Maybe we can all learn something together while challenging ourselves to craft better films.