How We Work

We help clients spread the word about what makes them special… and worth caring about.




You love a good story.

And so do we.  Everyone does.  Then why are so many so-called “corporate” films so… bad?   More often than not, the underlying problem is story—or the lack of it.  Many companies or organizations simply don’t know how to tell their stories effectively.

That’s where we come in.

Our approach starts and ends with story.  We create effective, engaging films for companies and non-profits because we tackle projects from the viewpoint of seasoned storytellers. We’ve put in years of work crafting a multitude of award-winning broadcast spots for networks like ABC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and TNT Latin America.  And we bring that same production value and aesthetic sense to our corporate storytelling as well.

We can help.

What would you like to say about your business?  What kind of impact would you like your film to have?  A well-crafted, story-driven film can help get your message to people all over the world.  It can move your viewers to care and inspire them to act. At EditLab, we understand that your stories are meant to be told.  And they deserve to be told well.  Share a bit about your project today, and let’s get started crafting something wonderful together.  Well-told stories are our specialty!

Proven Process


Great films don’t just happen.  You need a good story, clear direction, and a strong creative team behind you. We can guide you through the entire process with our deep skill set in screenwriting, planning, budgeting, producing, concept development, storyboarding, scheduling, and more.

Video & Film Production

With a solid strategy and a firm grasp of your story, we’ll deliver amazing results in the studio or on location. Great stories need pristine sound and beautifully-crafted images, and we’ll help you get them! We take a lean approach to production with small, nimble crews. The result? Great-looking footage that won’t break the bank!

Post-Production & Motion Graphics

Once production wraps, we’ll shape all the elements into a captivating story. Music, sound design, and editing will make your film come alive.  We’ve won more than 70 industry awards for editorial excellence, so you could say post is definitely a core strength of our company.