Lab Reports / Canon C300

Using the EyeDirect for Video Interviews

Interviews that feature people looking right into the camera—a technique known in theatre as direct address—can be engaging and powerful. Everyone in the film seems to be confiding in us directly instead of looking off-axis at the producer.

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Coffee Buzz


I’ve been working on a personal mini-doc this week. It will post to my new personal web site when it’s finished.  The piece focuses on a few of my friends at Blackbird Coffee in the small town where I now live.  Everything was shot on my Canon C300.

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Telling Stories that Engage


We’re creating a series of vignettes to introduce new members of the American Cancer Society’s National Board of Trustees. The pieces are designed to play at large meetings and allow the featured member to share personal experiences and stories about cancer.

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Culture as Character

Mark Daley, III

Recently I completed a corporate identity piece for Generation Companies, a hospitality company headquartered in Durham, NC. After Skyping with the owner and talking with some of his partners, it became very clear that the unique, value-centered culture of the company needed to be present wherever possible in the finished piece.

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