We’re creating a series of vignettes to introduce new members of the American Cancer Society’s National Board of Trustees. The pieces are designed to play at large meetings and allow the featured member to share personal experiences and stories about cancer.

The segments are similar to NPR’s StoryCorps project in that our interviewees briefly share events from their lives that got them involved with fighting cancer and serving on the board. With no additional footage available, we knew we’d need to listen well and be genuinely present to get strong material to work with.  In addition to uncovering each person’s story, we really wanted to reveal his/her unique personality as succinctly and authentically as possible.

Baker’s Dozen

Because we were tasked with lighting & interviewing 13 people in a single day, we had fairly limited time with each board member.  We knew in advance there’d be no additional supporting footage available for editing.  And because we were locked into a single hotel meeting space as our location, we also needed to make the most out of that one room. So we moved our lighting and 2-camera setup often so that each vignette looks different from the others.

It’s interesting to work with limitations and strive to get the most out of the situation at hand. We believe that with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness a good story can still be crafted from a simple interview.